04 Jun An Amazing Energy in the Studio!!

Such an amazing energy in the studio these past few days. As our studio goes from strength to strength we feel so blessed to have found the perfect team almost by fate. ‘As if it was meant to be! You know like a prophecy or something. See what I did there.’ In all seriousness though our team is fusing together nicely.

Hrissy our drop dead gorgeous and supremely talented piercer, not to mention very pleasant human being, has made an amazing start here bringing with her PINKY PIERCINGS. Such an awesome addition to the prophecy.

Sergio or Serg, is the other member of the team, he brings with him a passion for art and a great sense of humour. Absolutely smashed it today with 3 extremely satisfied customers, well done Serg.

Then we have Ema the beautiful stray that wondered in off the street and found a place in our hearts, what an amazing person she is. Hard working and a potential tattoo artist, we are excited to have you on board young lady.

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