That’s right, its one of those magical days of the year when you can get the lucky number thirteen tattooed on your flesh for a large discount on the price.

FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH, unlucky for some but only because they give it the power, simply by believing in it. Well I say F that. Unlucky 13 can kiss prophecies booty. We believe in positive thinking, take the power back by owning the number thirteens ARSE. Getting 13 tattooed on you, you are both metaphorically and physically putting two fingers up too the 13 superstition and bad luck and shouting “I AM THE CAPTAIN OF MY SHIP AND THE RULER OF MY DESTINY” or you can just get one because they are cheep and absolutely BAD ASS……

Chose from any one of the 13 flashes we have prepared, or go on line and pick something else you like (within reason 🙂 ) You can even bring in a design of your own that we will happily convert in to a dope piece of body art.

13 is a lucky number and don’t forget it, by getting it inked on you forever. It also looks pretty f…ing cool. So come and get involved in the tradition of getting a 13 on the thirteenth.

See you at the studio you lucky

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