One of the most commonly asked questions by customers is, do tattoos hurt? The simple answer is yes they do but everyone is different. People have people different levels of pain tolerance. The placement of the tattoo has a large part to play in how much the tattoo will hurt but even then, where one person may be fine with a tattoo on the ribs, another will have a tough time.

How much will my tattoo hurt is another commonly asked question but this one is impossible to answer. It is unanswerable because it is impossible to know how much the tattoo will hurt until it is done. You can then reflect on how much it hurt. Most people will say not as much as thought it would, let’s hope you are one of those.

Another thing to consider is how much experience does my tattoo artist have, the more experience the tattoo artist has the better they will be at doing the tattoo correctly, avoiding retouches, not going too deep with the needle or overworking the skin.

It is always best to visit a tattoo studio in person when thinking of getting a tattoo. You get to meet the artists and the people that work there. You can see for yourself the hygiene levels and if you are satisfied with their work.


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