We have the best Piercer, we truly believe that we have a first-class piercer at prophecy, We have collaborated with Hristina Kukenska who is the owner of  Pinky Piercings. Pinky piercings can be found in two tattoo studios at the moment but will be expanding into other studios and beauty salons soon.

With 12 plus years experience in the world of piercing and body modification which has given Hrisy the amazing ability to make your piercing go as smooth and as comfortable as possible. She is a master practitioner and insists on the highest standards of hygiene but also has a great sense of humour and will quite possibly be one of your favourite people by the end of your piercing.

Hristina and her piercers are quite often fixing and repairing the bad work of other piercers. We are not saying that all other piercers are bad, not at all. They are just not as good :).

If you have an existing piercing that is giving you problems, or you need advice on a piercing that you would like to get please give us a call or pop along to the body piercing studio.


see pinky piercings price list below.

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