20 Feb Sergio’s sketch style!

Back in the day, when tattooing wasn’t the popular form of art it is today, designs had to adjust to the capacities of the equipment artists had.
In the last 15-20 years, tattoo technology had reached such levels of sophistication now it’s possible to tattoo virtually anything that comes to mind, reaching perfect levels of realism, vibrant colours and pen-like lines.
Adding the fact that now a tattoo artist is expected to reach extremely high artistic standards (tracing a design from a book is not modern way to approach a tattoo) and customers trained and developed a much crispier artistic taste thanks to the constant source of information and reference social media and the internet in general is, we get as a result a medium in which options are endless.
This is really exciting news for our Sketch style specialist Sergio! Since his early years in Malaga University of Fine Arts, he learnt strict anatomy, perspective, light source and theory of colour, then experimenting and twisting all of these rules in order to develop his own style. He discovered through artists like Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt or Alphonse Mucha a simple line put in the right place could be extremely powerful, so started working on finding a type of line that could express the beauty of imperfection.
One of the most challenging issues he came across with when he started tattooing was transferring the same personality his drawings had to his tattoos. After trialling different types of setups, he finally felt comfortable with it and his rough looking, expressive and solid lines became a constant throughout his tattoos. This drawing looking style is slowly gaining more adepts as people is not afraid of thinking out of the box and don’t think ‘a tattoo should look like a tattoo’ anymore.
If you need any further information about styles and how to find the tattoo that tells your story pop in and talk to us, we will try our best to find exactly what you need.

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