03 Dec Purified water use in tattoos.

Here at Prophecy, we take pride in the highest standard of hygiene. We sanitize and refresh every station after use and only use sterile water.

Purified water is a necessity that many studios fail to provide and instead use tap water… This may seem harmless to the unaware customer, however, hospital records and research shows that using tap water to clean a tattoo and rinse needles can in fact be very harmful to the skin. Rashes, infections and fading of the tattoo are all common side effects of impure (tap water) water being used by ‘professionals’.

At Prophecy we make sure our water goes through a special filtration system before we use it on our customers to avoid any unwanted possible side effects. Also another unknown risk is the tattoo ink itself. The ink needs the be bought and supplied from a trusted vendor and HAS to be sterile. Coloured inks hold the highest risk which is why we research our suppliers and ensure we can trust their brand and their products before buying. Our inks are also vegan friendly. The brand we use is ‘Eternal Ink’, you can research this product online for yourself.

Our needles, gloves and ink are purchased from industry leaders. They are of the highest quality, sterile and approved by safety professionals, these are some of the reasons why we have over 250 five star reviews on google and Facebook. Our business has been built by our customers that is why they mean everything to us so we take no short cuts when it comes to their safety.


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