Technology is constantly evolving, from hybrid cars to mobile phones our society can’t get enough of wireless robotics. This is why here at PROPHECY every member of our team owns and uses a wireless tattoo machine, fitted with chargeable/changeable batteries which hold a long life, and rotary style mechanics, our machines are more precise then ever.

The first tattoo machine invented by Thomas Edison, was made in 1876 and used as a stencil maker. It was then developed by¬†Samuel F. O’Reilly, and was licensed in December, 1891. The first wireless machine was released in 2019 by a brand called FK irons as a “wireless pen to rule them all”. Even since this modern day machine was released it is already evolving, with changeable batteries and a set of grips. Our machines consistently produce high level tattoo art for our customers.

We get feedback from our customers while tattooing them, we are told by them that they notice a difference between wireless and wired machines, whether this is all in the mind or an actual thing, we will leave you to decide. You can forget about long wires in the way and the loud biting noise from the old machines; and say hello to a much improved tattoo experience.

Times are a’changing, and its important to keep with them, that’s why at our studio we use IPad pro equipment, enabling us to work with you on your tattoo ideas and designs to produce exactly what your heart desires.

For more information or to get answers to your questions feel free to pop into the studio or call us on 020 8551 9009.

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