This year the team at Prophecy went all out. We called our selves “The Saddam’s Family”, and all dressed up as the famous (off brand) Adddams. On top of that we offered ALL PIERCINGS £13 and TATTOOS from our flash sheet for £31!

The turn out was great! A big thank you to everyone who came and we want you all to know that there will be many more celebratory offers to come… This will include Christmas and Valentines day (coming soon)…

Our flash sheets were created a few weeks prior to Halloween and posted around a week before to ensure that everyone who would be interested knows about it! Piercings is a very busy part of our business anyway so you can imagine the craziness once the price is reduced to £13 for the day!

Thanks again!

Please scroll for some images!

(Best tattoo studio, best piercing studio)


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