Affordable Body Piercing In Essex

Are you looking for a place to deliver affordable body piercings? If you’re based in Essex, you’re always welcome at Pinky Piercings- part of Prophecy Tattoo.

When looking for a place to get your body pierced, hygiene should be one of the most important factors. Whatever part of your body you want to have pierced, whether it’s your tongue, nose, septum or ears, Pinky Piercings will ensure the procedure is completed to the highest standards.

Our piercer Hrishy can pierce any part of your body, including the lobes for only £20-30. Why not check out the full price list of our affordable piercings online?

Highly passionate about her work, Hrishy loves seeing what a positive effect a piercing can have on a person. She will ensure that your piercing is done hygienically and is placed exactly where you want it.

Working with the owners of Prophecy Tattoo, she offers customer service which is second to none.

Where will you find Prophecy Tattoo?

Our tattoo studio and piercing parlour is based in Barkingside, Essex, and attracts customers from all over the local area.

Find out more about our affordable body piercings in Essex.

Or for more details, simply give us a call today.

0208 551 9009.

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