Looking for a Custom Tattoo Studio in Essex?

Have you got a dream idea for a tattoo in your head? Are you looking a tattoo studio in Essex who can make it a reality?


The popularity of tattoos has soared over the past decade, with designs becoming more creative, artistic and imaginative.


Since a tattoo is a permanent addition to your body, it can feel like a risky process finding a tattoo studio that will make it look the way you want. This isn’t like having a haircut or a piercing, after all, which can easily be changed.


If you’re based in Essex, Prophecy Tattoo promise we can bring your vision to life.


Prophecy Tattoo specialise in quality custom tattooing in a relaxed and welcoming environment, and can cover a wide range of styles and applications.


Based in Barkingside in Essex, our custom tattoo studio has built up a large client base, who love our highly skilled artists. With the family vibe in our studio, you can enjoy a laid-back atmosphere while having a tattoo. Whether you want an animal, celebrity or mandala, Prophecy Tattoo can produce your design to the highest possible standards.


Whether you want a tiny tattoo on your wrist, an elaborate design on your back, or his and her tattoos, our in-house artists can help.


We also have a piercing department with a friendly in-house piercer, who can customise almost any part of your body.


Discover more about our custom tattoo studio in Essex.

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