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We are known for our quality custom tattooing within a relaxed and welcoming environment.

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Precision perfect piercing can only be found at Prophecy by our amazing inhouse piercer.

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From tattoo goo to jewellery, to custom Prophecy branded merchandise, we got you covered!

latest news

  • the date has been set

    So the date has been set and preparations are being made. the date is the 12th of April. our day of freedom. The summer is about to start, so lets get those tattoos done, finished, repaired, covered up…… We are so excited to open again......

  • Piercings♥

    Today, more than ever, hygiene is one of the most important parts of society. Here at Prophecy, we take pride in the cleanliness and hygiene standards inside of our studio. The piercing room is deeply cleaned before and after each client to ensure that everybody......