Natasha Jackson, a footwear designer turned portrait artist is one of Prophecy’s treasured artists. Tash also does portrait artwork commissions which you can check out on her instagram page @pencilme_in.
Book in with tash here at Prophecy to get a great tattoo, a good laugh and a piece of art on you for life.

latest news

  • the date has been set

    So the date has been set and preparations are being made. the date is the 12th of April. our day of freedom. The summer is about to start, so lets get those tattoos done, finished, repaired, covered up…… We are so excited to open again......

  • Valentines!

    Happy Valentines day to you all! The team here at Prophecy wants to wish you a lovely day and many more to come! We also want you to know about our amazing offers… All piercings are £14 only today and we have a selection of......