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Prophecy tattoo and piercing studio

A tattoo studio, or tattoo parlour as some would say. At Prophecy we feel, that we are quite different from what you may think visiting a tattoo shop is all about. We are a very friendly bunch of creatives who absolutely love putting amazing pieces of art on people. We know that a lot of tattoo artists forget how important YOUR tattoo is to YOU (the paying customer) “It’s just another tattoo”. So if you are looking for a friendly tattooist or body piercer that will listen to you and take your ideas and requirements seriously, cliche, but look no further. Our golden rule is that you leave prophecy tattoo and piercing studio 100% satisfied with the tattoo, the piercing, the service and of course the price. If not we will do everything in our power to correct that.


We have a great reputation for our service, our tattoo art and our body piercing. This is a reputation that has been earned. Go on to Google or Facebook and check out our reviews. 50, 5 star reviews on google and 90 + on Facebook. 5 star all the way baby, well one 4 star but even he admits that he made a mistake. ?

Tattoo styles provided: realism tattoos, old school tattoos, trash polka tattoos, fine detail tattoos, portrait tattoos, geometric dot work tattoos, black and grey tattoos, traditional tattoos, traditional Japanese tattoos, tribal tattoos, calligraphy tattoos, Maori tattoos, Chicano tattoos, famous icon tattoos, religious tattoos, memorial tattoos, animal tattoos, basically you name it you got it tattoos ?

At prophecy, you can relax in front of a 65 inch suspended smart TV whilst getting your tattoo. Watching the music videos, movies or box sets of your choice. 8 out of 10 customers say that it is a huge welcome distraction to the whole tattooing process, if you know what I mean ? the other 2 said they just loved the feeling of getting inked, Go figure?

Our artists only use the best. Our ink is all from the eternal ink range. Google eternal ink and you will see just how good the tattoo ink we use is rated. We use Cheyenne professional tattoo equipment, again if you check them out online you will see just how seriously we take our tattoo art. Cheyenne and Eternal ink are market leaders in the world of tattooing and body art and feature very highly at the London tattoo convention. Go into any top tattoo studio around the world and these brands and products are being used, with good reason “THEY ARE THE BEST”. Our artists only use the best.

A subject not valued with the importance it requires at best and simply overlooked at worst.


Aftercare is so important too and for the quality of the finished, healed and long-term look of any tattoo. Some tattooists are guilty of bad workmanship and poor aftercare instructions but after a tattoo is done and you have received and understood proper aftercare instructions, it’s all on you. You need to follow the instructions given to you to avoid any unpleasant situations. Although we are always available for aftercare advice. As a very wise man once said to me “the only stupid question, is the one that you don’t ask”

Also, at Prophecy all the first time retouches to our work are free.

Prophecy studio prides itself on our hygiene protocols. You can come into our studio anytime and see for yourself just how clean and professional we all are but do not mistake that sentence and think that we are boring. You could not have more fun whilst having pain inflicted upon you anywhere else in the world in a sterile environment, Guaranteed.

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  • Valentines!

    Happy Valentines day to you all! The team here at Prophecy wants to wish you a lovely day and many more to come! We also want you to know about our amazing offers… All piercings are £14 only today and we have a selection of......