06 Sep Birthday Party and Fight Night at Prophecy

What an amazing studio Prophecy is.

By day, conventional but totally awesome tattoo studio, by night, Kick ass club. With an amazing sound system that kicks the bass through your very soul, smoke machine, Disco lights and a karaoke, along with a gas grill Bar B Q out the back, all of which where to put to full use on Saturday the 26th. After much dancing, singing, drinking and eating, we all settled down in the main part of the studio in cinema mode.

Sofas and tattoo chairs full of tired drunk and eager Connor McGreggor fans, hoping to see the upset of the century. Especially our very own Hayden, who also happens to be an athlete relations coordinator for the UFC and also was the person who picked up Connor and his coach for his first appearance in the UFC, in Sweden. This alongside being half Irish it is no surprise to find out he was massively behind Connor winning. That turned out not to be the case but a fantastic night was had by all.

Missing from the festivities was Big Dan, Who just happened to be sunning himself on the beautiful Caribbean island of Aruba, tough life they both have.

Watch this space for info on our next club prophecy night. Sure to be another absolute banger.

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