05 Sep Dan brought an Electric Guitar to the Studio

When Dan first brought an electric guitar to the studio a few days ago, he didn’t think it would be there for any other purpose than it being a decorative object, until Sergio came and his eyes popped out in joy and excitement since he saw his 2 biggest passions merge: music and tattooing.

Since then a series of ideas have been crossing our minds, since re-painting it to creating our own studio band (The Prophecies?). God knows, maybe in a few years we’ll have to pierce and tattoo in our Lollapalooza backstage room…or maybe not, but hey, ho, let’s go (I am really sorry about that).

Yes, in Prophecy we’re all about embracing creativity in all forms, but we’re also really into looking really cool regardless of our arguably musical talent, and our new guitar will make a great poser item, so stay tuned for some ‘make me look like I can play’ pictures.

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