18 Sep Professsional Piercing Training


Pinky Piercings, London Piercing Academy offers a training course that will introduce you to world of professional piercing. If you decide to take this course you will be benefiting from the vast collective knowledge on all things piercing related and setting you up to pursue a new career in this exciting industry.

This is an intensive five day course, were you will have the chance to use all of the tools associated with piercing and gain invaluable experience from our very knowledgeable instructors.

At the end of the program, you will receive a diploma confirming that you have attended and completed to a satisfactory level the entire course. You will also be offered a complete beginners piecing kit.

Day One: Safety and Clients.
We will be covering different situations that may arise with clients and the appropriate way to talk to them. In this lesson, we will discuss aftercare and advice as well as watching different piercing instructional videos and pointing out where there are mistakes if any.

Day Two: Instruments and Piercings.
During this day we will be discussing which instruments are for piercing different areas of the body. We will be going on to talk about how to use these instruments safely, also the locations of different piercings and what jewellery is suitable for them.

Day Three: Observation of the piercer:
On this day you will practise on different silicone body parts using clamps, needles and jewellery. You will be watching how our piercer works and speaks to clients. We will then have a discussion of what you noticed was good and how they would use this in your practice.

(This day will be longer as you will be in the studio with the piercer)

Day Four – Practical:
On this day you will need to bring along a model (Or two) and you will be using the knowledge you have learned over the last 3 days and doing a piercing on your model with the assistance of our piercer.

Day Five: Test.
Again, using the knowledge you have gained from the last couple of days you will be completing a test to prove that you have successfully learned the skills required to be a piercer. Upon passing the test you will be awarded with a diploma to show that you successfully completed the course and a portfolio of your work.

With this course, you will have learned basic piercing and will be ready to start working like a body piercer. At the end of the course you may decide to purchase a body piercing kit and silicone body parts to practice on. We will offer this to you at the end.

After completing the course, you can always contact us with any questions you may have. We are always happy to help.

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