20 Sep Prophecy Tattoo Studio Achieved Next Level Style

The reception area of Prophecy tattoo studio achieved next level style recently with the addition of its new counter top. Courtesy of one of our favourite customers Rob Reed, who not only just happens to be a kick arse stone mason but also an all-round thoroughly nice chap. The counter top is a thing of absolute beauty, it also carries its own interesting back story. It is made from Scottish green slate and has the remarkable property of changing colour when viewed from different angles.

The stone was quarried in Scotland at the Ballachulish slate quarry and then recovered from the very first official building reconstruction carried out after the second world war. Roman House, named after the roman wall opposite the building.

Rob has done such an amazing job with such and amazing piece of stone. With the studio logo skilfully hand carved in the middle of it and polished to a high gloss, it adds so much to the first impressions created when people first visit Prophecy.

We are truly blessed to have such an amazing studio with such amazing customers (friends)

Thanks again Rob, you are a legend

The future is most definitely prophecy.

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