Prophecy tattoo the studio with not only some of the best tattooists you could hope to come across but they also have the best piercer I have ever met and I have met more than most.
So, incredible tattoos and high standard piercings, all done in one of the most impressive studios That I have ever stepped foot in and I have been in many all over the world.

This studio stands apart from other studios, not because of the state of the art TVs and sound system. Not because ¬†you can watch movies, TV, and all the latest music videos and X-box1 if the mood takes you. Neither is it because that within half an hour the studio transforms in to a 1970s night club, Club Prophecy. Equipped with a chest punching sound system, smoke machine, disco lights and karaoke. All of this is amazing and quite unique in the world of tattoo studios but still not the main reason Prophecy tattoo is one off my most favourite places to visit when ever I’m in London.

My main reason is the guys that work there, jokingly known as (the cult) Hayden Horwood is one of the owners and one of the funniest people you could hope to meet. Along with his business partner Dan Mankelow. They are like a comedy double act. Hrisy Kukenska is Bulgarian, not only drop dead gorgeous on the outside but also a truly warm, charitable and inspirational person on the inside. Sergio is Spanish, a sensitive spirit who also happens to have an amazing sense of humour and a great way with people. His art speaks for it’s self.

The mod and atmosphere this cocktail of characters brings to life is truly something worth seeing. I was instantly made to feel welcome, and then the jokes began, I can’t remember laughing so much for a long time. I left Barkingside that day thinking more of the fun I had just had more than my amazing new addition to my ink collection. 5 stars all the way for you guys. Keep up the good work.

The studio can be found at the fullwell cross end of Barkingside high street. Next door to the Bingo. I can’t recommend Prophecy Tattoo and Piercing Studio highly enough.

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