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Tattoo Aftercare


Tattoo Aftercare is a subject sometimes not given the attention it should be. Most tattoo studio instructions regarding aftercare will vary quite considerably. The procedure that prophecy recommends is as follows. On the completion of the tattoo or tattoo session, your tattooed area will be given a generous coat of Vaseline, wrapped in cling film which is held in place with micropore tape. This provides a sterile barrier to outside world with all of its little nasty bugs. We advise that this dressing should not be left on for longer than six hours. After you remove the dressing, wash it thoroughly with warm water and Tattoo Goo soap.  Dab it dry with a clean towel and leave it for about an hour before applying  Tatoo Goo aftercare salve.


The first three days immediately after getting your tattoo are the most important. You should clean the entire tattooed area at least twice a day. Be sure to take your aftercare cream with you where ever you go. The tattoo will let you know when it needs attention. If it starts to feel tight and or dry, apply the goo until you have a slight shine to the area. Do not let the tattoo stay untreated for too long. If the tattoo dries out too much the cream will have little effect and the dry scabs coming away from the tattoo can take ink with it. This will have a negative impact on the finished quality of your tattoo.


Different types of tattoo will heal in different ways. For example, a tattoo with a lot of shading and detail will take longer to heal than a tattoo with just writing in it. The aftercare procedure is the same for all different types and styles of tattoos.


We at Prophecy take great pride in our work and want your finished artwork to be as good as it can possibly be. When your tattoo is fully healed, this can take between three and six weeks, we will invite you back to the studio for a free of charge retouch session if needed. We also like to get pictures of the healed tattoo at this point.


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